Hello City of Homestead Residents,

       My name is Amy Spadaro and I am running for Council Seat 1 in the City of Homestead. I am a resident of almost 30 years now and have always loved the small town feel in the big city. The citizens of Homestead have always been some of the most generous and loving people when other citizens are in need. I know this first hand as pet rescue and member of the GFWC of Homestead.  I do many other outreach services to the community and so many citizens are there to serve their community.  I am not afraid to make the hard choices necessary for Homestead as a whole to maintain this level of service. There are many things facing this city including growth, traffic, public safety and our infrastructure that I will also be looking to address as your Council member. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Amy Spadaro 

305 303 7634 

[email protected]